Pit Posse Wheel Bearing Remover Set

Pit Posse Wheel Bearing Remover Set
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Product Description
Pit Posse 9 Piece Wheel Bearing Remover Set consists of 7 removers and 2 rods to fit all bearing sizes. Each remover has a tapered end so that part of the remover will slip inside the bearing. You will be able to remove bearings in seconds with this tool!

How It Works: Simply put the proper size remover in the bearing and then flip the wheel and bearing remover over so that the remover is against the floor. Next, insert the rod tool into the remover and tap firmly into place (the remover has a slot for the rod tool to slide into). Once you have the rod tool firmly in place, simply lift the wheel and bearing off of the ground and tap again until the bearing falls out.

  • Pin Size: 5mm & 9mm
  • Works with Bolt Hole Spacing Distance from 13mm up to 230mm
  • Adjustable Top Screw for Holding at a Set Distance
  • Made in Taiwan

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