Ban Jing Performance Microchip CDI/Coil - Fuel Injection

Ban Jing Performance Microchip CDI/Coil - Fuel Injection
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Ban Jing High Performance Microchip Programmed CDI/Coil for use on Fuel Injected 50-500cc Scooters. Plug and play for injected Zuma 125, other fuel injected scooters will need their stock coil wires cut and wired up to the Ban Jing unit. 9 adjustable timing curve settings via a button on the side.

Ignite your vehicle's true performance potential! This High Performance CDI/Coil gives stronger ignition/firing, a more complete combustion burn (more power, better fuel mileage and reduced emissions), quick acceleration and increased horsepower!

Installation is Easy:

Connect red wire to 12 volt switched source (DC)

Connect black wire to ground

Connect blue wire to the signal pulse of the stator (alternator)

CDI body can be easily mounted to the frame

***Please Note: Electrical Items are Non-Returnable***

  • Stronger Ignition/Firing
  • More Complete Combustion Burn (more power, better fuel mileage & reduced emissions)
  • Quick Acceleration
  • Increased Horsepower

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