LeoVince TT Exhaust For Minarelli Clone 2-Stroke

LeoVince TT Exhaust For Minarelli Clone 2-Stroke
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LeoVince Exhaust for Horizontal Minarelli Clone 2-Stroke Engines.

The LeoVince TT exhaust is a racing exhaust that works with 50-70cc cylinders. The mounting bracket on this exhaust system works best with Taiwanese and Chinese clones of the Horizontal Minarelli engine, sometimes referred to as the 1PE40QMB engine. Includes mounting hardware and 3.5 gram 15x12 roller weights plus a set of yellow clutch springs for tuning!

Please Note: This exhaust is designed to conform to European Road Standards. Removing the manifold restrictor leads to a significant performance improvement.

  • Head Pipe Bolt Hole Spacing: 50mm
  • Head Pipe Inner Diameter: 21.5mm
  • Removable Silencer
  • Includes Mounting Hardware and Instructional Booklet
  • Also Includes Roller Weights 3.5gr and Clutch Springs for Further Tuning

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