Universal Parts Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool Kit

Universal Parts Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool Kit
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Product Description
Universal Parts Cam Chain Breaker & Rivet Cutting Tool for Scooters, Motorcycles and ATVs. Designed to rivet chain links to form an endless chain and is versatile enough to be used on cam chains and drive chains. With this tool you can break and join chains ranging from #25 to #630.

    14 Piece Set
  • For Chain Sizes #25 up to #630
  • Includes: 3 Guides, 2 Press Plates, Lever, Guide, Chain Press, Handle, Spring, Rivet Tip, 2.2mm Pin, 2.9mm Pin & 3.8mm Pin
  • Made from hardened steel for strength & durability
  • Includes Instructions
  • Made in Taiwan

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