Universal Parts Clutch Holding Tool

Universal Parts Clutch Holding Tool
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Product Description
Universal Parts Clutch Holding Tool is used to hold the inner clutch hub, which is necessary for removal and installation of the clutch hub and clutch basket. The 8mm spanner pins on the back can be used to hold flywheels, gears, sprockets, etc.

Please Note: this tool is recommended for square tooth style clutch hubs and will not work well with v-groove/half round style clutch hubs. Also, will not work on clutch baskets with reversed inner clutch hubs with an outward facing integrated clutch face plate.

  • 5" Wide Jaw Opening
  • 8mm Spanner Pins for Holding Flywheels, Sprockets, Gears, etc.
  • Hardened Carbon Steel for Strength & Longevity
  • Made in Taiwan

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