Minarelli 50cc Alternator Kit

Minarelli 50cc Alternator Kit
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Product Description
Performance Alternator Kit for 50cc 2-stroke 1E40QMB Minarelli style engines. This High-Speed Kit includes a No-Rev Limit CDI, Compact Racing Stator Assembly that re-charges your battery when driving.

This part fits an engine commonly found on many popular 2-stroke full-size scooters and ATVs from brands such as Yamaha, Malaguti, Yamati, United Motors X-Speed, Aprilla, CPI, Benelli, Vento, Eton, Adly, Geely and many more.


Performance Stator Kit
Lightened Flywheel
Turbo Cooling Fan
Adapter cord for use on the two plug over to a 3 plug connection
Installation Instructions
Alternator plug is a female 3 prong with 2 single plugs

*This is a rechargeable high rotational speed alternator assy.

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