Valco 2.5" Wide Tube-Grip / Squeezer

Valco 2.5" Wide Tube-Grip / Squeezer
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Product Description
Valco's patented 2.5" Tube-Grip or squeezer greatly improves the handling and dispensing of All-In-One Silicone or any material packaged in a flexible tube. The Tube-Grip /squeezer dispenses material accurately and efficiently. In fact, the Tube-Grip maximizes the usage of all the material in the tube due to its effective means of application.

Tube material can also be dispensed in a wider variety of patterns. For example, you can easily use a small orifice tip for a very fine precision line, or it can be dispensed in a flat, ribbon-type pattern. The Tube-Grip can dispense the thickest sealant through a very small opening, permitting better application control. The Tube-Grip reduces both clean up time and the possibility of skin contact or other problems caused by excess material squeeze-out.

  • 3/8" Impact Driver
  • Includes 4 Bits: 2 Slotted Bits & 2 Phillips Bits
  • Reversable
  • Includes Storage Case

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